Do the 5 S’s work with high need babies?

Dr. Karp is highly familiar with the concept of ‘high-needs babies’ and The Happiest Baby on the Block is specifically helpful with them during the first 4-6 months of life. If you have not yet watched The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD, Dr. Karp highly recommends doing so as it will be a great visual tool in learning the 5 S’s which will help babies be calmed & soothed, even high-needs ones. It is also very important to be using white noise in addition to the 5 S’s as this will help create a ‘buffer’ to the outside disturbances that may be bothering your baby. Dr. Karp suggests parents use the CD of white noise for the first 12 months of age & many parents find it beneficial for years to come!

One Response to “Do the 5 S’s work with high need babies?”

  1. Dr_Karp Says:

    Hi Michelle,

    This is unlikely to be a growth spurt…that would cause lots of eating, but long naps after eating. What are you using for white noise all naps/night (that is as important as the swaddling!)? Is the swing reclined back all the way…you want to make sure her neck can’t double over (I recommend you ask your pediatrician’s permission just to be safe).
    Good luck!
    Dr. Karp

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