Hi Carly, Please watch The Happiest Baby DVD …

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Hi Carly, Please watch The Happiest Baby DVD and use out specially engineered CD of soothing white noise (use that for all naps/nights for the first year)…this approach helps most fuss babies…even those with colic…but you have to do the techniques correctly (exactly as shown on the DVD) for them to work well. And, if it doesn’t you should check with your baby’s doctor to make sure there is no medical problem. I hope that helps, Dr. Karp

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  • Hi Stephen, Sure kids can feel tummy sensations (if you want, you can read much more about gas, constipation, food allergies…and the important gastro-colic reflex in The Happiest Baby book)…they can jolt a baby awake…and even make a baby suddenly fuss…but, they shouldn’t cause prolonged crying (in other words the 5 S’s should stop this type of fussing very fast). I hope that helps clarify things, Dr. Karp
  • Hi Natalie, Thanks for writing. It is so hard when little babies cry like that. Fortunately, that’s EXACTLY what The Happiest Baby was designed to help! Watch our DVD and use our white noise CD all naps/nights (for at least the first year) and you have a very strong chance of seeing immediate benefit (dramatically reduced crying and adding at least an hour to his sleep).
    Let us know how it goes for you!

    Dr. Karp

  • Good conversation…sure babies feel tummy sensations…but I would say it is very uncommon for them to have tummy pain (unless the baby has a food allergy, is really constipated with hard poops…or in the uncommon case of acid reflux). Fussy babies often quiet with car rides and jiggly walks (and the 5 S’s)…and obviously these wouldn’t help you if you had stomach pain! The big fooler here is the gastro-colic reflex. This is not painful, but for some babies it is upsetting and makes them arch, double-up and cry after eating…these babies are usually the same ones who cry as an overreaction to someone laughing too loud…or the phone ringing. THese kids usually calm in minutes or seconds with some well done 5 S’s.

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  • When do I have to stop swaddling my baby?
    You don’t have to…but most parents find that the best way to learn these counterintuitive methods is to watch the DVD a few times (to master the basic techniques)…and then the book is much more understandable. Good luck!
  • Crying Or Colic?
    Hi Lette, Sorry it has been a struggle for you. I don”t know how old your child is, but when parents tell me the 5 S’s are not working 90% of the time it is because they are not being done exactly right. Unfortunately, the techniques can be a little tricky (that’s why we made a DVD …it is easier to learn the 5 S’s by watching someone else do them). Swaddling is key to success…unwrapped babies tend to fuss longer and wake more often….and they then need strong white noise (when he is crying…play it as loud as a hair drier! then as he calms play it as loud as a shower)….and finally some need to sleep – fully wrapped – in the swing all night (as I describe in my new sleep book). And if you are sure you are doing everything right and they are STILL not working, you should have your child checked by his doctor.
  • When do I have to stop swaddling my baby?
    Hi Anne, As I discuss in my new sleep book, infants who can escape the swaddling are not being swaddled properly (big enough blanket? arms snug?) or they may need to sleep swaddled in a fast moving swing all night…I recommend you double check your technique with your doctor or on The Happiest Baby DVD). Also, make sure the sound is as loud as a shower…and try a more rumbly, rough noise (I discuss this in other responses on this page). Best of luck! Dr. Karp
  • When do I have to stop swaddling my baby?
    Hi Talia, Make sure you are using a rumbly white noise CD (all night/naps…as loud as a shower)…this will improve his sleep…but if he is still trying to roll over, I recommend you ask your doctors permission to swaddle him (with the white noise playing) and then buckle him snugly into a fully reclined (flat) swing or infant seat.

    Take care, Dr. Karp

  • When do I have to stop swaddling my baby?
    Hi Barbara,

    Don;t worry…she won’t go to college needing to be swaddled! Some babies seem to need swaddling even to 8, 9, 10 months…but what helps to wean it faster is to use a rough, rumbly white noise CD for all naps and night sleep. (I usually recommend track 5 or 6 of our specially engineered CD…played about as loud as a shower.)
    Have fun! Dr. Karp

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