Babies are ready to be born after 9 months?

NO – After 9 months of pregnancy, moms are certainly ready for it to end, but babies are not. Unlike horses, able to run from the first day, our newborns are very immature at birth.

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  1. Spike91 Says:

    Am I to understand that nature is somehow mistaken? What are the evolutionary factors that would have nature birthing “prematurely”? It would seem that if human gestation is nine moths, more or less, that period of time was selected for by evolutionary pressures which you now discount as relevant. If you are saying that birth should extend until all neurological development is completely formed, this presents two problems: First; the full gestation imagined would extend at least to eighteen years, by which time the passage of the skull through the canal will be quiet interesting, and secondly; there are social aspects of neurological development that requires human interaction and bonding and all of these are discounted as natural cause for timing of birth.

    We are not ungulates, and so do not need to be able to run with the herd at birth. We are social creatures, with communication as a major defining characteristic. We begin to communicate from the moment of birth and so we are, similar to the horses you use as illustration, ready to become socially interactive creatures capable of establishing meaningful bonding, able to “run with the herd”, at least metaphorically. Different adaptive characteristics require different understandings. Birds don’t fly upon birth either, does that mean that they come out of the egg too early? How odd that only so much of nature has gotten it wrong.

    It is a strange thing to say that nature has it wrong. I would like to see the well reasoned argument with research supporting the idea before you propagate such ideas as unexamined dogma within a veneer of academics with a stethoscope in service to marketing.

  2. Dr_Karp Says:

    Of course Nature is not wrong…but our brains are so big, moms just can’t wait too long…or they will die (and so will the baby). Since ancient humans waled upright, we could hold our babies while we walked…unlike most other species. However, for ancient humans, babies born too small and early would be too fragile and die. Birds have eb hatch when they do because they run out of their limited food supply (yolk)…we don’t run out of food in the womb, we run out of space. We are actually not ready to communicate at birth…for example social smiling doesn’t start until 6-8 weeks and predictable reciprocal interactions (cooing back and forth) is not reliable until ~ 3 months.

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